Thoughtful Boldness

Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

A Christmas Apology


Dear Christmas,
We are so sorry. We have forgotten how to celebrate you.

Instead of loving God with all that we are,
We hate our imperfections and devise our own tortures.

Instead of loving our neighbors while loving ourselves;
We give gifts to those we love instead of to those who need them.

Instead of spending time and being there for our families;
We bribe and distract them with gifts of the latest technology.

Instead of seeking out fairly traded goods;
We close our eyes to injustice while opening our wallets for a bargain.

Instead of bringing peace between nations and religions;
We fight for our right to sing carols, and then ignore their instructions.

Forgive us dear Christmas.

Help us to hope for all of the best for others.

Expand our hearts to find joy in the simple things.

Fill the yearning in our souls with the peace of Christ.

And teach us to love God, ourselves and one another once again.
-Rev. Karen Fitz La Barge    12/20/2013