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What is your purpose in life?


What is your purpose in life?

“I believe we are all here on purpose for a purpose.  My purpose is to be an instrument of peace in the world.  To do so, I nurture peace within myself and teach others how to find the peace within themselves.  When all of us find the peace within, there will be peace in the world.”
–Rev. Salvatore Sapienza

Sal is an interfaith minister that I ran into on Thursday.  He promised to think about my question and to email me his answer.  –I was surprised when he actually did so, because so many people have promised me that they would do so and then actually don’t! He also emailed me a picture, since I didn’t take one of him at the time.

Sal is also the brand new pastor at Douglas Congregational UCC.  His first Sunday there is 3/16/2014!  He keeps a blog at:
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