Thoughtful Boldness

Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

What is your purpose in life?


“To be a part of children’s lives in every aspect God puts me in.”
-Karen Andrews

For the past 21 years, Karen has lived out her purpose in life by being a teacher.  She is a very special kind of teacher, —she is in charge of the young 5’s at Brandon Elementary in Martin, Michigan.  When she is not busy with her young fives, she and her beloved husband Frank are busy raising their two amazing sons, Benjamin and Bryan. (Ages 14 and 13.)  On Sunday when the YOUTH group went and saw the movie, “God is not dead”; Karen was along as a c0-leader.  I caught this photo of her with the children’s carousel in the background, a place where undoubtedly her students would love to spend some time!