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Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

What is your purpose in life?


“To help people realize their full potential.”
–Dan Garland


I stopped by the Tuesday Morning store to pick up a little reward for Elisa.  And there I met Dan Garland.  Dan’s boss Christy had been on my blog a bit over a week ago, and so Dan also agreed to participate in my Lenten Experience Experiment. Dan is a special education major at Grand Valley University.  He has about 2 years of school left to get his bachelors degree. While he grew up for while in the Grand Rapids area, his parents moved around a lot but ultimately ended up coming back.  Dan’s heart is all about helping people, and that is evident by his great attentive attitude toward the customers who come in the Grandville Tuesday Morning.  Those special education kids in the future are going to be very fortunate to have a man like Dan looking out for them!