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Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

What is your purpose in life?


“To make people happy.”

-Krista, Jenison Burger King

Krista is the happy, smiling face that will frequently greet you at the front counter at the Burger King on Baldwin in Jenison, Michigan.   After I gave her my order, she complimented me on my scarf and because it wasn’t busy, we got to talking.   When I asked her to participate on my blog, she was happy to do so, and quickly said that her purpose in life was to make people happy.  Then she went on in more depth. “Life is too short to be grouchy.  I try to make people smile.”  Krista has worked part time at the Burger King there for about a year, but in January she started her own business selling Premier Jewelry.  She hopes that it will blossom into full time career.  I asked her for a catalog, and she happened to have one with her.  She took the time to show me the crosses on pages 9 and 10.  There also on page 9, the catalog has a quote called, “A Dose of Hope” by Joan Horner.  It says, “No matter what business we are in, we have the perfect vehicle to share a personal touch. There are people everywhere who are hurting, lonely, in need of a smile, a dose of hope. Take time to care and to make a difference.”   Krista gets what it means to care for others and to make a difference in other people’s lives.  So if you need a dose of kindness or a smile or a beautiful piece of Premier Jewelry, stop by and see Krista.