Thoughtful Boldness

Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

What is your purpose in life?


“I don’t know my purpose.  Apparently, I haven’t succeeded at it yet.  I feel that we are here for a purpose, and when we succeed, that’s it.  –My life will be over then.  So God will let me know and will call me home when I succeed at my purpose in life.”
–Jim Richardson

Jim was born and was raised in Allegan, Michigan and he graduated from Allegan High School.  He has lived in Allegan all of his life, except for the two years when he went and lived on the West Coast.  His career was repairing and painting cars and he established his own business in Allegan called, “Jim’s Auto Body Repair”.  For 30 years you could find him there on Ida Street working on all kinds of cars.   12 years ago, he sold the business and formally retired.  Jim is married with 7 children and too many grandchildren to keep an accurate count them all, although he did tell me that he is on the look out for the birth of his first great grand daughter in May of 2014.  Jim notes that he says “Grace” every day, because that is his wife’s name, and that for lent he has given up boiled okra.