Thoughtful Boldness

Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace

What is your purpose in life?


“My purpose is to be a guide for my family and my husband.”
–Nancy Klinkers

Nancy has lived in the Allegan area for the last 25 years or so.  They first bought a cottage in the area while they were still living in Borculo, but eventually they moved to the area permanently.  Nancy has been married for 57 years to her husband Gary, and through thick and thin, through many challenges and health problems, they have been there for each other.  Nancy and Gary have four children and eleven grandchildren and great grandchildren that she keeps track of.  This past summer, their granddaughter Veronica got married to her beloved Troy in a beautiful countryside ceremony and reception right in Nancy and Gary’s backyard. The weather, the bride and the happy smile on Nancy’s face were all lovely things to see on that day.