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Thoughtful Boldness, LLC
Owner, February 2014 – Present
Consulting religious organizations and people on technology and using technology to create religious content.

Presbytery of Lake Michigan  This is the new website done in WordPress, launched 2/2015. The previous website that I inherited and maintained was created in Joomla and is currently parked at   The Presbytery is my first and only client at this time.  Before I created the actual site for the Presbytery, I created this free wordpress site as a mock up for them.  You can see the mock up at

First Presbyterian Church of Allegan   One of the first things that I did when I received my call to First Presbyterian Church of Allegan in 2010 was to make them a website.  I designed a logo and made a video about what God is doing at the church a bit later.  (This was the first video that I had ever made for You Tube, 2012.)

Grand Valley Rose Society  A website I made some years ago for my local chapter of the American Rose Society. Yes, I am a proud member.

Lego Team: Shake Rattle & RollA website made for my daughters lego robotics team in 2014. This is a free site on

WestLipSync A website made back in 2012 to help parents get organized for our elemetary school’s annual lip sync. For their purposes, facebook worked better so they ended up not using this site now. But it is a good example of a simple blog site.

Amazon4God.  This is my first personal blog that I started in 2008. Keeping a blog was not a priority for me at the time. LOL. I keep it to remind myself how far I have come and how much better the software is now. In 2007, when I was the Minister of Lifelong Learning at Central Reformed Church, their website also needed redoing. So while I was home recovering from ovarian cancer for two weeks, I redid the churches website. Here is what it looked like back in 2009. This is the first website that I ever created.  I was the Executive Director of WITNESS and our website needed updating, and we couldn’t afford to pay anyone to redo it for them. So instead the board paid for me to go to a Dreamweaver class to learn some HTML.  I have linked a picture of website as it was in 2004 through the internet archive wayback machine.

First Presbyterian Church of Allegan
Pastor and Head of Staff 2010- Present
Helping the congregation vision and live into a transformative future of Church redevelopment.
Weekly Preaching,Liturgy and Children’s Moments
Administration and Staff Supervision
Leading Bible Studies, Topical Studies and Book Studies
Leading Benefit Concert Series
Leading Ecumenical Youth Group twice a Month
Pastoral Care and Counseling

Central Reformed Church, Grand Rapids
Minister of Lifelong Learning 2006- 2010
• Organized and Taught Cradle to Grave Education in a Church Context
• Preaching and Liturgy
• Administration and Staff Supervision
• Curriculum Selection and Organization
• Redesigned Website, Created Online Calendar, Coordinated New Server and Phones

First Presbyterian Church, Holland MI
Interim Youth Director/ Associate Pastor 2004-2006

• Organized and Taught Elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High Groups and Classes
• Preaching and Liturgy
• Mission Trip Planning and Implementation
• Curriculum Selection and Program Organization

WITNESS, Holland, MI. Non Profit at Hope College.
Executive Director (Part time) 2003 – 2006
• College and Seminary Advocate for Women’s Issues in Religion
• Redesigned Website, 2003
• Cataloged Resource Library and Created Online Access
• Spoke at Conferences, Created Denominational Presentations and Brochures
View the archived WITNESS website from 2004

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
Chaplain and Worship Leader (Part time) 2002-2006

• Taught Spiritual Growth Classes to Patients of a Broad Range of Ages and Diagnoses
• Preaching and Liturgy for Developmentally Challenged Patients
• Patient Charting and Documentation


American Red Cross of Ottawa County
Blood Services Director/ Volunteer Coordinator 1995-2000

• Implemented Strategic Increases of Blood Donations
• Cut Expenses while Increasing Income
• Recruited New Sponsors: Businesses, Churches and Community Groups
• Wrote and Received two Grants
• Created Themes, Designed and Printed Publicity Materials
• Computerized and Tracked All County Blood Drive Information
• Recruited, Scheduled, Supervised and Recognized Volunteers

Machine Guard & Cover Co. Holland
Board of Directors: 1994-Present

• Reviewed Accounts Payable/ Receivable, Suggested Cost Savings
• Designed Brochure and Parts Catalog
• Recruited Quality Employees
• Represented Company at Trade Shows