Thoughtful Boldness

Thoughtful Boldness on God's Love and Grace


Document sermons:
How are you healed
The Forgotten Trinity
Church Size and Expectations
What are You Expecting
Celebrate with Joy
Catching People
Becoming a Wise Guy
The Power to Follow Your Call
On Bended Knee
Truth Grace Life logos
The Widows Might
All you need is love
Faith to Change Things
Infinite Power. Ultimate Service.
Lies. Rape. Murder
Only Human
Varying Views of Divorce
Drastic Peace
Big Little Ones
Excluded No More
A Christians Job Description
Eat It Up
Costly Grace
Evolutionary Creationism
Test Everything
Tweaking our Genes
Public or Private
Tickets to Heaven
Why Christians Disagree
Debate or Dialogue
Green or $$$$$

Here are some audio (mp3)  files of some of the sermons that I preached at Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI:

“The Journey of Truth” 11-15-2009

“Spirit of Freedom” 07-05-2009

“Is God’s Love Tough?” 2-22-2009

Pekich Memorial Service (entire service) 01-03-2009 (This has some great organ music by Brian Bartush.)
The Memorial Sermon only:

Rev. Barbara Pekich Memorial Service

“Praise and Prophecy” 12-14-2008

“Generosity and Gratitude” 11-26-2008

“Red vs. Blue: Reconcile the Two” 11-09-2008

“Grow Faith Through Love” 07-13-2008

“Some are Guilty, All are Responsible” 07-06-2008

“The Choice of Wisdom” 05-25-2008

“Fruity People” 04-27-2008

“Pray for Peace” 03-02-2008

“What the Hell?”
(#8 in the Apostles Creed Series: “He descended into Hell” )12-02-2007

What The Hell (A PDF of the above sermon, suitable for reading and reflection.)

“Jesus, Aslan and Harry Potter” 09-02-2007

“Lies, Rape and Murder” 07-29-2007